CREATECH The JYC Technical Club, is a well formed body that brings together the elite minds of JUIT, to take engineering and technical skills to the next level. Student members of 3 years, use their knowledge and skills not only to improve upon themselves but also to impart the same to the people of the college, without caring about their rest and sleep. With the motive of developing all round personalities that are not only technically strong but also innovators, developers and thinkers. It provides a stage to those, who dare to think beyond imagination and want to bring a change in world. It holds workshops for teaching software, electronics, everything technical, innovative and creative, and also to plant the seed of innovation into the minds of those not well versed in this arena.

It is mainly a tech organizing and promoting body and it conducts tech related competitions, workshops and quizzes through the year. So basically, they're the people who sit up all night hammering out problem statements for you to crack and quiz questions for you to solve. All these are carefully selected targeting students of all years. Their aim is to foster tech @ JUIT and to have a lot of fun doing it. So together, let's WONDER, THINK and CREATE!

Started from just a group of technical people involved in creating University Website and fest documentary...Tech club is now one of the most important part of JUIT… The first coordinator of tech club was 'Ritwik Ganni',the man who actually created the Tech-club. When Tech club was under Pramir Jain, the creativity can be easily judged from the fact that now he is the CEO of ‘igrab1’. The team faced some hurdles they managed to cross them.

After some meetings and hard work we were ready with the first tech fest of JUIT and we gave it the name “MURIOUS-06” {limitless} but unfortunately we only got the permission to have this fest after classes. So it became a week long event but we never expected that it will be such a huge success and we even managed to get certificates printed for the participants and team members and finally we had this great ending ceremony where we showed this really wonderful documentary.

This was just one dream that we managed to turn into reality and by this time we started dreaming more and came out with the idea of starting the first technical magazine of JUIT and after a lot of discussion we gave it the name “LOGIN”. With the support of our the then Vice chancellor Dr.Medury we managed to get it printed, although, it was not colored but it managed to find its place among the students and staff. Five hundred copies came and were sold immediately.

Strive hard to Make MURIOUS a part of academic calendar, invite other institutes to participate. Work hard and don’t let the standards fall. CREATECH gives you an opportunity to learn and to develop your personal technical skills that will really help you with placements and in future. Even after graduating from JUIT